From our archive: KITTEN ALARM!!!  30 babies are waiting for a loving new homes
From our archive: KITTEN ALARM!!! 30 babies are waiting for a loving new homes

Welcome to the Tierschutzliga-Dorf

How nice of you to drop by! Surely you are here because you would like to adopt one (or more) of us

Our caretakers are all lovely and try their best to ensure that we are well taken care of, but there are simply too many of us and therefore we don't get as many cuddles as we would like

Before we came to the Tierschutzliga-Dorf some of us had bad experiences but here we learned that people can be kind and caring and not least we experienced that there is nothing better than a good tummy cuddle.

So please have a look around on our website, we invite you to come and visit us in Gro▀ D÷bbern at the Tierschutzliga-Dorf. We would love to meet you and get to know you better. And who knows, you might even fall in love and decide to take one of us home...

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We would like to present the Animal of the Month:

Jimmy German Shepherd-Mix male, castrated born approx. 2000


Last update: 23-07-2016
New on the Homepage: 15 Adoptions, 2 death.
Animals presented: .
As the number of cats available for adoption is constantly changing we are only showing a small selection of about 300 cats.

Lost dogs Berlin Brandenburg is an initiative which aims at being contact point for people who are looking for their lost dog(s), people who find dogs and for dogs which are handed over to shelters where no further information about the dog is provided.

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Use benefind as your search engine and donations will be made to the Tierschutzliga-Dorf. Here is how it works...

Did you know already? By making a purchase at zooplus you support the Tierschutzliga-Dorf, which will receive a small donation in return for your purchases.
Partnership with Futterriese - the Tierschutzliga-Dorf will get a proportionate financial donation for each order.

If you would like to meet some of our animals looking for new homes then visit the Web-TV of Lausitzer Rundschau "Tierisch Lausitz". Of course you can also enjoy the videos directly by choosing the individual cat or dog introduction on our video page. There you will find an overview of all the wonderful animals and a link to the videos.